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Teaching children emotional intelligence to help them self regulate and live a happy and fulfilled life. 

Calm Kids Classes

Our Calm Kids Classes are designed to teach children useful life skills and tools to flourish in life. Using science backed research and a Positive Psychology approach we show children how to create positive habits early in life to help them better handle situations that may arise in life. 

Our classes are designed to be fun using lots of arts and crafts along with educational videos, colouring and fun activities and games. We have designed a series of creative ways to communicate the infomation to our little ones so they understand it and enjoy themselves. 

Our classes focus on:

  • Creating Positive Habits 

  • Improving Social Interaction Skills

  • Creating a Positive Daily Routine


  • Improving Self Confidence & Self Esteem 


  • Learning about a fixed mindset vs a growth mindset 


  • Positivity & Why it is so important 


  • Mindfulness


  • Flow

  • What emotions are, Why we have them, Useful ways to regulate our moods

Whats included in the cost: 

  • Private Facebook Groups for Parents 

  • Exclusive discount at Sister Sensory your one stop shop for sensory toys, stocking over a 1,000 sensory toys and tools for children

  • FREE scrapbook (We fill this throughout the term with useful tools & the kids can take it home at the end of term)